About Us

What We Do?

The  Urban Landlords & Tenants Association of Kenya (ULTAK) is a non political society that is duly registered under the Societies act Cap 108 Laws of Kenya.

Our Vision and Mission as a society is to legally contribute towards the social rights, binding obligations and general welfare of Landlords and their tenants in Kenya.

We strive to manage the relationship between member Landlords, Property Managers, Agents and their Tenants by advising and educating Landlords through organized forums especially on how to access rental information about tenants seeking entry into either residential or commercial premises for a period for hire.

ULTAK brings together landlords who have invested heavily in rental property development in Kenya.If you are a Landlord, real estate, investor, property owner, or property manager or thinking about becoming one in Kenya, then ULTAK is your number one stop for free help, free newsletter, free moderated discussion group, Landlord and real estate  news, information and forms, Landlord  Tenant laws for all 47 Counties and disclosure  information, real  estate terminology dictionaries, techniques, advice, real estate management tools and  software, as well as networking with  fellow Landlords and other real estate professionals.

Our goal is to provide you with the information and resources one needs to succeed. Such as news, tips, tricks, great advise and top of the like services. To start we offer articles on knowing your rights (and responsibilities) as a Landlord, choosing good Tenants and other pertinent articles.

We are web-based organization geared toward providing Landlords and Property Managers nationwide what they need to succeed. Our goal is to provide you a “Landlord Tool Box”, that is in effect a source of knowledge and experience gathered by us and put in one spot for you to open time and time again as needed. The primary objective of our site is to pull together investor, property owner or property manager make or save thousands of shillings each year, so they are at our fingertips.

ULTAK Objectives

  • To provide social interaction and cater for the welfare of members in conducive environment within the country
  • The Society is formed as an association for Landlords’ and Tenants’ mobilization, poverty eradication, entrenchment and enhancement of social economic justice on rental premises.
  • The Society manages the relationship between Landlords and Tenants in Kenya through organized forums to advice all Landlord throughout the country
  • The Society advises all Landlords on legal matters on rental premises especially on: Rental Lease Agreements, Rental Notices, Rental Defaulters, Government Taxes and Credit Reference Bureau Regulations
  • To recruit as many Landlords as possible through branch networks.
  • To create a database for Landlords and Tenants.

Why Choose Us?

  • ULTAK focuses on housing development aspects such as the relevant housing and planning legislation and guidelines that affect the voluntary housing sector.
  • ULTAK will focuses on issues that relate to good practice in housing management such as allocations, rent control and service charges, repairs and maintenance, landlord-tenant relations (including any new tenancy status and legal framework).
  • ULTAK focuses on particular development issues such as procurement, contracts and related compliance issues for the sector.
  • ULTAK focuses on sustainable energy issues that relate to the sector and other sectors.
  • ULTAK focuses on particular development issues such as procurement of raw materials and contract related to compliance issues for the sector.
  • Ready information about new Tenants for Landlords’consumption.
  • As a Landlord you will have an opportunity to be captured in the ULTAK database.
  • ULTAK services are closer to you through ULTAK branch networks.
  • ULTAK shall offer free legal services to all members.



  1. Teamwork
  2. Professionalism
  3. Fidelity to the Law
  4. Innovation
  5. Courage
  6. Integrity