General Binding Principles

  1. Landlords face considerable risk when leasing property to a complete stranger.
  2. Consider your rental business like a professional Landlord and check your prospective Tenant’s record and eviction, criminal activities and review their current payment habits.
  3. The Tenant shall at all times during the period of his tenancy pay for the premises in advance.
  4. The Tenant shall have quiet enjoyment of the premises provided that he complies with express or implied covenants.
  5. The Tenant shall keep the fixtures and fittings in good and tenable repair.
  6. The Tenant shall permit the Landlord or his Agent and his workmen to enter the premises and to examine or repair the same at all reasonable times after giving reasonable notice thereof.
  7.  The Tenant shall not transfer, part with possessions or sublet the premises or any part thereof without a written consent of the Landlord which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  8. That where the premises are destroyed by fire, civil common accidents or a natural calamity through no negligence on the part of the Tenant, any liability to pay rent be suspended until the premises are again made fit and habitable.
  9. The Landlord shall be responsible for all repairs to roof, main walls, main drains, main electric wiring structure and shall be responsible for all necessary renewals to the premises.
  10. The Landlord shall be responsible for the repair, maintenance, cleaning and lighting of common parts where part of a building is let.
  11. The Landlord shall pay all taxes, rates and similar outgoings unless the Tenant is responsible therefore under any written agreement.