6 thoughts on “Legal Services

  1. JKUAT STUDENT says:

    Hello. I am a student at JKUAT. I along with some fellow students have not received our deposits since August 2016. What can we do?

  2. Charles says:

    Hi. My name is Charles. I moved in into a new apartment last October. I have paid my rent well apart from this month of February. Had a few issues with cash and so far I have paid in 15,000/- out of 25,000/-. Today I have been sent a message that I should vacate from the apartment. No notice has been given. Is this really fair?? I am not even planned on moving. Yet I have just paid my rent late and not even trickled the arreas at all into a new month. Kindly ,can you help me on this please.

  3. Tabitha says:

    Request for a legal advise on my landlord who switched off lights since he claim i have a rent balance of 2100.I had complained the balance written on my receipt was wrong but they didnt pay attention.

  4. Urbanus says:

    My landlord has switched off my electricity due to late rent payment despite him and the Funtime investment company owing me 9k (8k rent deposit and 1k electricity deposit). Kindly advice on what steps I should follow to place legal charges…

  5. Maurice Mukinya MacHaria says:

    A tenant has taken off with arrears. Help me draft a court application seeking the arrears. Thanks

  6. Danson Irungu says:

    I have a tenant who is in arrears of 6 months, reason is he has been promising to pay, but now i want him to vacate but he has refused to vacate, how do i make him vacate without breaking the law

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