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  1. Laura says:

    Hey, i have an issue with my current tenancy agreement. we entered into the premises due to unavoidable circumstances , i was then a minor boarding school and my mom was only given a week’s eviction notice despite the fact that she worked and still works to date. Does this amount to duress as she was vulnerable at the time? She was deceived into signing a contract despite the house not been made habitable as it had not been used for 6 YEARS. in the subsequent years- i am aware that delay defeats justice- he has breached all the contracts by not complying to the terms and conditions including those imposed by the law such as repairs. She was fraudulently misled into believing that the rent was inclusive of security and the caretaker- all of which we pay for separate from the contract- and that we would have access to the swimming pool in an adjacent property owned by the landlord. He has kept the gate locked as though we are thieves and also denied us the right of passage via a safer route within the property adjacent despite insecurity to children. Over the last few months the landlord and his employees have caused several nuisances from burning trash on a daily basis -more than once within the day and at the wee hours of the night- and has resulted in us bolting out of bed chocking almost every night. The landlord moved in next door about a yr or two ago. when we made complaints he became hostile. His first excuse was that he was burning charcoal (within a residential area ) to cook for his dogs( our dog’s puppies taken without our consent) and even went ahead to ask if we would buy gas for him. He latter on stated that what was being burnt was our trash(a service we pay for) which was a flimsy way of placing the blame on us. He then called us rude because we know our rights. It is important to mention that he cut almost 90% of the trees within the adjoining compound within this same year to sell the timber and was still disposing of it. This was another nuisance as it was noisy and resulted in us being plagued by serpents displaced from their shelter. before we knew it a new contract was drafted leaving out the previously agreed and violated terms with a rent increment.hat action should we take? The contract prejudices the tenant and exonerates him from his duties and is petty.

  2. Paul says:

    My Landlord locked my child and house girl in the house due one month rent arrears

  3. James says:

    How do I deal with a rogue landlord

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