Welcome to ULTAK

(ULTAK) is a non political society that is duly registered under the societies Act Cap 108 Laws of Kenya


To join,We have the following two options available for our site.

Option 1: Simply click on the appropriate link below and then complete the online registration form.

  1. Property manager Membership application form
  2. Landlord Membership application form
  3. Agent Membership application form

Option 2: Simply click on the Download registration form complete the registration details and send to the address below

  1. Property manager Membership application form
  2. Landlord Membership application form
  3. Agent Membership application form

Office Park Building
Riverside 1st Floor
P.O. Box 69349-00400
Phone: 0721 899 900

Gatakaini Investment House
Off Moi Avenue
Next To Kodja Mosque
Nyakatch Lane – 1st Flr
P.O. Box 69349-00400, Nairobi


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